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A paragliding flight is an attraction that provides amazing emotions at an altitude of several hundred meters. Jet flights are a lot of fun, which is why they are more and more often chosen as Christmas gifts. What awaits you during the flight? Uninterrupted peace, great views and the comfort of free gliding provided by an experienced paraglider. What could be better than a moment for yourself in otherworldly circumstances …

Sightseeing flight with a tandem paraglider for one person
A short theoretical training that will introduce you to the secret of paragliding flight
Possibility of filming and taking photos after prior arrangement with the pilot
Flight time depends on weather conditions and location
An opportunity to experience a unique adventure and gain memories that will stay with you long after landing
The voucher can be redeemed for 12 months from the date of purchase
A paraglider is also referred to as a modified version of a hang glider or a glider (from the English paraglide). However, it differs from similar aircraft, i.e. powered paragliders and powered hang gliders, because of the lack of an engine and the specific shape of the wing. The paraglider wing is the easiest to associate with the parachute wing. The specific structure of the paraglider allows for precise control and, in good conditions, also for performing acrobatics.

For all those who want to learn more about paragliding, we recommend this article with interesting facts about paragliding. Find out more about the history, flight rules and preparation before meeting the paraglider for the first time.

After registering the voucher, you will be able to choose the date of your flight. However, remember that favorable weather conditions are required for the flight. This is the only limitation to making a decision to fly – rain, fog, or too strong wind may make the flight impossible. Usually the paragliding season is from April to the end of September. However, it depends on the location and flight provider – there are flights in March. Therefore, when booking a voucher, you can find out about the expected paragliding flights. However, we can assure you that the expectations for the season will certainly reward the emotions during the flight!

What do I need to fly a paraglider? We recommend appropriate footwear, comfortable clothes and a helmet that you will receive from the producer. The take-off starts depending on the location – from the top of the slope, or with the help of a special winch. Once you are at the right height, the most enjoyable part of the attractions begins, i.e. gliding at an altitude of 400-800 meters.

Who will fly a paraglider?
Paragliding should be tried by everyone who is fascinated by clouds and everyone who would like to rise above the ground. No special qualifications or medical examinations are required to complete the flight. All you need is general good health and the desire to experience a great adventure. The lack of special requirements makes paragliding a sport available to practically everyone.

A paraglider flight for a gift
A paraglider flight is a great gift for both younger and older fans of flying. That is why you can give a voucher for a paragliding flight as a gift for dad or even a brave grandmother. Anyone who receives a paraglider as a gift will have the opportunity to see the world from a completely different perspective. If you already know paragliding and still want more, we also recommend a paragliding course, where you will gain special qualifications to perform solo flights.

Would you like to detach yourself from earthly matters for a moment and be in the clouds? Make the decision for a great sky adventure. We guarantee that it will be awesome!


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