Party beer helmet – Super Boy




It will be very nice to every dad when he gets such a gift 🙂 The beer helmet will not only make a sensation among gifts, but will also practically serve our dad. Thanks to the helmet with holders for beer cans, each user of this equipment can have their hands free, for example, to operate the remote control or eat snacks, and the golden drink will flow into his mouth 🙂 This is a nice gadget and will certainly be a unique gift for a birthday, name day or day Father.

It is a professional, durable construction helmet made of high quality materials. Each helmet has a chin strap for stability when worn. The helmet is also adjustable, which ensures that it will fit everyone 🙂 The helmet includes two baskets for cans of beer or other drinks and two flexible tubes, connecting into one, bringing the drink to the mouth.

The inscription on the helmet:


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