Chef’s apron

If your fathers are passionate cooks, they will surely appreciate this idea. Every cook knows that an apron is an essential piece of equipment when cooking. On the other hand, an apron with an individual print will make the time spent preparing meals even more enjoyable. An apron with a photo will also be appreciated by fathers who love to grill. Just think what a sensation your dad with such an apron will cause during family gatherings. What can be put on such an apron? For example, your joint photo with the caption: “The best dad in the world!”. The photo is permanently applied to the material and the colors are perfectly reproduced.

Water bottle for mountain trips

The aluminum water bottle is an offer for physically active fathers. If your dad runs or likes mountain hiking, he will definitely need such a gadget. The bottle perfectly maintains the temperature of the drinks stored in it, so it will quench your thirst even on a hot day. Such a gift with your photo will make every trip or fishing trip more pleasant.

Smartphone case

It is a very universal proposition. A smartphone case is always useful for every dad. What distinguishes our proposal? A case with a photo from CEWE is, above all, a huge selection. You can choose from many patterns and materials. The offer includes classic, silicone housings, but also those made of wood. However, if your fathers are very sensitive about their phones, we recommend a fold-out case. You can put your own photo on each of the available cases. Imagine Dad’s joy when he receives a personalized case for his phone.


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