Your developer buddy’s birthday is coming up? Brother-in-law, who deals with programming, is celebrating his name day soon? Or maybe you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for an IT specialist? Finding the perfect gift for an IT specialist is a difficult task, fortunately, with our tips you can buy a funny, useful, and most importantly a hit gift. How, ready to get to know the best gadgets for a developer? We invite you to read!

USB gadgets

We are convinced that you know what a programmer does, but to be sure, we will explain the specification of this profession in a few words. A programmer is a person who creates computer programs based on specific programming languages, such as C ++ or Java. As you can easily guess, most of the programmer’s professional life is spent in front of a desk and computer, so the best gifts for a programmer should be related to technology in some way. What could it be? For example, fun and practical USB gadgets! Here are some really cool suggestions!

If you are wondering what to buy a programmer, you must know that they are people who love modern gadgets. One of them is definitely heated USB slippers – it is an inexpensive, funny and very practical gift that will appeal to everyone who does not like the autumn / winter weather. The slippers have a built-in heating system, and to take advantage of their wonderful properties, all you need is a computer turned on and a slow USB connection.

If you don’t like the heated slippers, don’t worry – we’ve got a few other gift ideas for a programmer. We are convinced that each of them will bring a lot of joy and fun to the birthday boy or the birthday boy! We would personally be pleased with a USB refrigerator. If your friend, programmer, doesn’t like to distract from the computer screen even for a moment, he will surely like this handy cooler in which he can fit a can of soda. This is a particularly useful gadget if your friend wants to relax after work with their favorite game or episode of a new series – instead of stopping the entertainment and running to the kitchen for a cool beer, they will have everything at hand!

Most programmers love technology to the point where they also spend their meal time in front of the computer screen. Needless to say, chips crumbs between the keys of the keyboard do not look very good… Luckily, our portable mini desktop vacuum cleaner can handle all the leftovers that cannot be removed with other methods. In our opinion, this gadget for a developer is an absolute hit!

Does your developer like functional gadgets? If so, he or she will surely like a wireless bamboo smartphone charger or one of our spacious flash drives. We offer flash drives finished in various styles, so you will surely find the one that perfectly matches the character of your friend. If we were to choose the top three items, they would be:

pen drive with a laser – the most stylish of all gadgets for a developer;
pendrive key – which looks like car keys;
flash drive fire extinguisher – the perfect companion to fight everyday fires in the office.

Other developer gadgets

The best developer gifts are related to their greatest passion – computers and technology. But who said this link has to be literal like a USB cable? Below are some ideas for gifts for programmers, which will surely be useful when working for many hours in front of the computer screen, but can also be used outside the office.

A wrist rest will be a great gift idea for any programmer – these are inexpensive gadgets that will make your friend forget about numbness or tingling hands for good, which is unfortunately common problems associated with working at the computer. If the person you want to gift is really close to you, you may be tempted to buy an ergonomic office chair. Just remember that the prices of good models start from a thousand zlotys.

What if you are looking for a cheap developer gadget who is your work colleague? Then the best idea will be fun and inexpensive cups with an IT message! For a programmer who loves computer games, we recommend the player’s cup in the shape of a gaming pad. For the avid programmer who doesn’t like to leave the computer until it’s finished, we’d go for a giant mug with a large capacity battery and a funny print. And if you want to give the programmer a gadget that will be used at the workplace, opt for a unique IT mug with a handle in the shape of an e-mail monkey.


This is the end of our programmer gift ideas. We hope you liked our ideas and you will find among them computer gadgets that will please your brother, brother-in-law, friend or friend. Just remember to follow one rule when choosing a gift – the gadget should be useful and fun!

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